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"Prior to working with Peter at In Home Rehab, I had been to many doctors, chiropractors and personal trainers but I had still been in constant back pain for about 4 years.

When I was first referred to In Home Rehab for my therapy. I was somewhat skeptical. Peter was very nice, had many years of experience as a therapist and seemed very competent but I was not sure that he could treat me in my home as well I could get therapy in a clinic.

He suggested we try it at home and if I needed a clinic, he could arrange for therapy in a physical therapy clinic located near my home.

After the 1st of several sessions of therapy, I began to feel an improvement. At the end of the 2nd month I was basically pain free. I can't say enough about all the people at In Home Rehab.

The entire experience was very positive and I will not hesitate to call them again if I feel the need. I recommend In Home Rehab to anyone who needs therapy - whether they can go to a clinic or not."

Kevin S.
Harper Woods, MI

"I am in my 70's and have degenerative disk disease and spinal degeneration. This reduced my ability to stand and walk comfortably. Both medication and several surgeries gave me only temporary relief, but my neurologist sent to In Home Rehab. Mike is a highly-skilled physical therapist. He worked on me for several months. The result has been astonishing. I still have some pain but now I know how to control it.

Most importantly, I am able to engage in a very active life again. I would recommend Mike and In Home Rehab to anyone with similar problems."

Clarence J.
Age 74
Roseville, MI

"Although I am 87 years old, I have always been quite active.  At least I was until the arthritis in my knee became unbearable. My doctor told me that I needed a knee replacement.

I was concerned that I might need a nursing home and that I might have to give up my home after surgery.  My doctor told me that he had great success using a company of therapists that comes to my home - so that I wold not need a nursing home or extended stay in a rehab hospital.

A couple of days before the surgery, one of the physical therapists from In Home Rehab called and scheduled a time to talk to me about the therapy I would receive after the surgery.  He was very nice, polite and knew all the right things to say to help me prepare for surgery.

The good news is that surgery was successful.  The rehab was tough -just like my therapist had warned me before the surgery - but he was there right with me the entire way. I know I would not be doing as much now if it weren't for my wonderful therapist from In Home Rehab.

And best of all, I got to stay in my own home when I was discharged from the hospital. Thanks, In Home Rehab."

Rosa K.
Age 87
Harper Woods, MI

"Thanks for this opportunity to share my story. I was in a serious auto accident December, 2002; requiring intensive care unit monitoring for nineteen (19) days. My body suffered over seventy (70) fractures...leaving me with nagging doubts about my ability to walk again. A re-built fractured pelvis held in place with pins, screws, and plates forced me to remain immobile for approximately six (6) months.

Because it was very difficult and painful for me to travel, I was referred to In Home Rehab. Treatment started immediately but that referral turned out to be my turning point. My progress, and well being blossomed within the caring environment Peter and his partners provided.

Soon it was time for me to walk with the assistance of a cane. The therapist owners helped me re-learn to walk during my clinic sessions.

always felt the physical therapy treatment was excellent with In Home Rehab, and now I know just exactly how much above average their expertise is and am grateful to have been their patient.

Catherine P.
Lemington, ON